Advice when buying beauty products

lipstick_kissHave you realised that if you are the ordinary young woman quite half the beauty products that you buy are useless? You go into a shop and are attracted by the prettiness of the packing, any beauty firm will tell you that good packing takes them a long long way, and most unfortunately that is true, but alas, you DON’T PUT THE PACKING ON YOUR FACE! The blarney of the assistant (who gets a commission and is anxious to make you buy the thing she wishes to sell) persuades you more than the product you ought to choose. Your own willy-nillyness, wandering round wanting to buy something suitable, and believing all the ‘guff ’ on the label.

Before you start making mistakes of this sort, do digest and digest thoroughly, one or two most emphatic points. The object of the ‘guff’ on the label of the pot, or bottle, or powder box, is to sell the goods within. Usually the better the goods the less they say. A first-class product doesn’t have to tell you it is a first-class product; you know that it is. Unknown brands may be fine, but they should be approached with caution. Saleswomen are anxious to make good sales. In particular they do not want to have certain brands ‘ sticking to them’. They have a job to do just like anyone else. You mustn’t blame them, but you must beware of them. The packing makes not one iota of difference to the goods you are buying, and quite often people who cannot put the best inside the pot, go a long way to popping it on the outside, and hoping!