On having fun

fairgroundLife slips by. That sounds a very mournful remark, but I am impressing it upon you because it is to be a spur. As a cousin of mine once said, ‘Time flies,’ and it may be later than you think”, which is the very maxim to take through life with you.

You will never get fun out of the minute that has gone past you, but another one lies here in your hand.

Do make use of it.

Your life lies largely with yourself. Go out to meet your fun and you will find it, lots of it. Wait for it to come to you, and nothing will happen. It all depends on you.

Don’t moan. Don’t complain that you are lonely, and get a dull time and would give a lot to enjoy yourself, because that is the sure way to put off any would-be friends. The old maxim that Ella Wheeler Wilcox wrote about, ‘Laugh and the world laughs with you,’ is not a bad one. Perhaps a good laugh is what all the world is seeking, if only it spoke the truth.

Nobody wants to know a killjoy, you don’t yourself, so why expect more from others? Nobody wants boring friends, self-centred friends, the kind that come to pour out a tale of woe, and seem to think that they are doing you a favour by it. Go out to meet new friends and do it cheerfully. Be pleasant. You’d think this was superfluous advice, but upon my soul half the people one meets seem to go out of their way to be unpleasant. Seeing that it stands in the way of their own interests you would have thought they would stop it, wouldn’t you? But they don’t.

Be a real friend. The kind that is reliable, amiable and does not fall back upon that objectionable remark ‘I told you so’. Get out and about more. You will never meet people if you sit mooning over your own hearth all the day; bring change into your life because everybody needs it and gets far too little of it. Never do a thing because you always have. Break that habit.

Then you’ll get fun.

That’s what we all want really, though some of us are too shy to say so.